AVECCTN Application


2024 Applicants! Application, Part A and B are available below.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the changes to the 2024 application requirements.

Important Changes to the Part A Application! All mandatory requirements must be met prior to beginning the application:

ALL Work Experience (6000 hrs) MUST be completed PRIOR to starting your application on November 1.  (All hours must be as a credentialed technician/nurse)

A MAXIMUM of 40 hours per week may be claimed as your average work hours.
ALL 25 hrs of CE must be accrued prior to beginning the application on Nov 1.

2024 AVECCTN Application Process

The application includes a Pre-application (Part A), starting November 1-March 31 due on March 31, and the remaining Final Application (Part B) will be due October 31 for all those that pass the pre-application phase.  We continue to increase our numbers of applications each year, and dividing this application will make the whole process much smoother.

Application links are found at the bottom of this page.


The Pre-application will ensure all applicants are actually ready to credential as a VTS(ECC).  In the pre-application we will evaluate:

  • Work History/Hours ** Note ALL hours must have been complete prior to starting the application process.
  • License history **Licenses must be provided for ALL licensed years during work experience period.
  • Continuing Education ** Note ALL hours must have been complete prior to starting the application process.
  • References (2 Letters)

The pre-application is filled in online and documentation submitted from November 1 to March 31.  Applicants will be notified by April 30 if their pre-application is accepted.  If your application is not accepted, you may have the option to appeal.  Only those accepted applicants can submit Part B. 


The Final Application will include the Skills List, Case Logs and Case Reports.  Cases are collected and Skills are signed off for the entire year November 1 to October 31.  You should start logging cases as soon as the application opens.  Case Reports should be written based on cases seen during the year long period.  Note, you may want to wait until your pre-application is accepted before beginning to write your reports, however you should be collecting possible cases for reports during the pre-application phase.

February 2023 UPDATES for PART B: Regarding abbreviations for Caselogs

CAUTION: Please only use abbreviations that are generally accepted.  These may include those commonly used in your "corner of the world" ie MVA (multiple vehicle accident) or HBC (hit by car), RTA (road traffic accident), CPR, IV, IM, SID, BID, ECG/EKG etc.  Please do not "create" abbreviations to save space on your case logs.  For example, removing vowels or shortening drug names to three letters make the case logs extremely difficult to assess.  We are seeing longer and longer abbreviation lists, and we may create a standard abbreviation list to use in the future. 

In the meantime, the abbreviation list has been shortened to 1200 characters, which is approximately 1 standard "Letter" sized page when your application is downloaded. Abbreviation Lists should appear in "list form" not paragraph form.

Application Forms and Links

The Annual application package requires you to be working on three forms simultaneously.  Please follow the links below and get things started.  Collection period for the Pre-application is November 1 to March 31.  Part B is from November 1 to October 31.

Part A: Form Link

Part B: Form Link



2024 Part A General Instructions

Part B General Instructions

Part B Skills List Instructions (New Version Nov 15, correcting due date to Oct 31)

AVECCTN Skills List NEW!

The AVECCTN Skills List is a completely ONLINE form.  If you have an iPad or other tablet with a stylus or pen, this is certainly the easiest method to record signatures, however a finger on a phone, or trackpad will work just as well.

Skills are signed off throughout the entire application year, from November 1, to October 31. 

Please carefully read the Skills List Instructions found both on the form at the link above, and in the Part B Skills List Instructions above.

Access a summary list of required skills here for your reference.

Reference Letters

Reference Letters must be submitted online through an online form.  Please use this form to submit. A link to the reference form is also found on the front page of the AVECCTN.org website (quicklinks down the right hand side).  You and your referees will be sent a confirmation immediately upon submission, notifying you that a letter has been submitted and by whom, and the referee will be sent a copy of the submission.  You may ask your referees if they are willing to share the copy of the letter with you, otherwise the candidate does not receive a copy.  


Examples of Case Reports:

Thank you to our Applicants who have provided two great case report examples!

Case Report #1

Case Report #2